Short Overview Of KIOSK Service Of Allahabad Bank from Samvriddhi Group


  • Opex Model where all infrastructure is procured by the Bank Mitra from own sources or through credit facility provided by Bank. Bank incur no expenditure on infrastructure cost and it only pays remuneration to Bank Mitra through Service Providers based on operational performance like opening of account, transactions etc.
  • Bank Mitras are recruited by six service providers namely Atyati, Integra, CSC, Vision India, Vakrangee and FIA. After due diligence by the Base branch and committee at ZO level, Zonal Office approves the appoint ment of Bank Mitra. We are not having any direct Bank Mitra recruited by our Bank.
  • KBS Model provides real time, on line, interoperable and 24×7 banking facility to customers of our Bank and Other Banks.
  • Uniform infrastructure like Kiosk area, Laptop, Scanner, Printer, Table, chair, visiting chair/Bench, stationary etc is available at all locations.
  • Bank Has provided uniform, Cap and sling Bag to all Bank Mitras.
  • Bank Mitra locations have facility of deposit transactions in any account of our Bank. Cash Withdrawl facility is available through Biometric authentication, Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) and Rupay Card Transactions through Micro ATM.
  • We are having Centralized payment system for paying remuneration directly to the bank Mitra accounts. Based on account opening and transaction data provided by our CBS PO, invoice is raised by the Service Providers. Bank Centrally pay the remuneration to service providers and immediately service providers account is debited for credit of 80% share of remuneration to Bank Mitra account through multiple transfer.